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  • Hi,

    I want to do WHQL certification with HCK 2.0 for computer  system - Windows 8 x64 Client.

    When I install HCK Client on computer which will be system under test and connect it to new created project in HCK Studio, often features that are required for a product type aren't automatically detected on a device. So I must to add manually required features and then proper Product Type are shows up in Product Types section (right status panel).

    But which features are required ?

    All features which are listed in for required Product Type in windows-hck-product-type-matrix.xlsx document, or only this features which enabled give me required Product Type name in Product Types section of status panel ?

    In example:

    I want to do WHQL certification with HCK 2.0 for computer system - Windows 8 x64 Client – Product Type = Desktop.

    When I configure and connect computer to HCK Controller for certification process, after detection computer features Desktop category not shows in Product Types section.

    To see Desktop category in Product Types section I must to add this features:





    After adding this features Desktop category shows in Product Types section.

    So when I pass all tests which are created from detected and manually added features, I can to do submission of signed test package to the Hardware Dashboard Service, and under new submission I can to choose Desktop category.

    But I see that I can add System.Fundamentals.SystemAudio.3rdPartyDriver feature which enable next 10 Class Driver tests.

    So I don’t know that Microsoft accept my submission done without System.Fundamentals.SystemAudio.3rdPartyDriver  feature and this 10 Class Driver tests.

    When I am sure that I in HCK project I have all required test for WHQL certification category which I want to get and Microsoft accept my submission ?

    1. When  see proper Product Type in Product Types section ?
    2. When I choose all features listed in windows-hck-product-type-matrix.xlsx file after filtering on System tab by Base Feature and required Product Type (in example. Desktop or Laptop) (but I see tests as TPM 2.0, but my motherboard have only TPM 1.2) ?
    3. When I choose all features listed on Windows Hardware Certification Requirements for Client and Server Systems site ( which are applicable for my tested operating system (but I see tests as TPM 2.0, but my motherboard have only TPM 1.2) ?

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