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      I'm trying to extend a basic scenario based on this link:


    Mapping Word 2007 Content Controls to Custom XML Using the XMLMapping Object



      Everything works fine for a basic sample (just assign an XML to some control by index.


      But now comes the issue: My client wants to have some templates (e.g. let's say hotels), and from each template we feed them with data, once we have feeded it with data we want to generate a common files based on the file chunks generated (let's say we have an hotel template and we offer the final user three hotesl in the same doc).


      The issue is: if I use something like:


    Dim strXPath1 As String
    strXPath1 = "/Customer/CompanyName"
    ActiveDocument.ContentControls(1).XMLMapping.SetMapping strXPath1


      If I insert two hotels, I will only see the data from the first hotel.


      Is there any workaround to this situation?




    Saturday, May 10, 2008 10:31 PM

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