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  • I have a MSDN account and subscription linked to a non-Microsoft email address. (It's a corporate account)

    So I login using the correct password and get prompted that my account has been temporarily suspended and that I will need to verify it to continue.

    No worries I think, haven't logged in in awhile so that's understandable - this should be sorted in a jiffy

    So I enter my mobile number and click to get a code. I wait, I look at my mobile (or cell in American language) and nothing happens.

    I figure maybe it's because for international the first '0' drops off an Australian number - so I try again without the '0'.

    I wait - still nothing

    I reboot my mobile phone - still nothing.

    Hmmm - I guess I should try the automated call option.

    So I try this - but then I get the error: You have exceeded the number of times you may request a verification code. Please try again later.

    Still optimistically thinking that this should be an easy fix I try the online chat option.

    Apparently I have to login using another Microsoft account to then bring up a secure form for assistance

    after two attempts with online chat staff and by this stage an hour of my work day has disappeared I was starting to get flustered.

    I then registered a separate account and then got the link from the support staff to try... Imagine my frustration when I then discovered that this form has just raised an email support request and it may get attended to sometime within the next 24 hours.  The initial dream of reaching someone who could do some basic account admin work now well and truly shattered.

    I am a corporate user and this experience has been dreadful.  The chat person did give me a link to provide feedback when I politely pointed out that an account reset should be easy and fixable on first contact - I clicked on this and got a page saying that it's currently not available - another win there.

    So after two hours I now realise that apparently logging in is not as simple as it sounds :-(

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015 1:13 AM

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  • I apologize for the delay in getting your account fixed.I totally understand your frustration at not being able to get to someone who can fix the issue.
    Since this is a public forum & we need some personal information related to the account,I would suggest you contact the Customer Service at the link below:

    MSDN Subscriptions Feedback

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015 5:24 PM