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  • I've got an Access application that has its data stored in a SQL-Server. It occasionally retrieves data from another SQL-Server database used by another vendor's application. All good so far.

    My client is going to upgrade the other SQL-Server database to be a cloud based system, and my only access to its data is going to be from

    1. the application from the new vendor (interactive on the screen), or

    2. via SSRS (the other vendor supports an SSRS connection to its cloud data)

    From briefly viewing SSRS, it looks like it has data export capabilities, including parameter based ones. Export to CVS or XML format, etc. So I'm wondering if it's possible to create some sort of connection from Access (either as linked table or via some connection string with VBA) that would let me connect to the new data. For instance, if I want to get validate a customer number and/or retrieve the customer's name & address from the new database using the SSRS interface, could that be done? Especially, I'm doing this one at record at a time. From my application I want to validate customer numbers that I save in my application against the SSRS data.

    Any suggestions on a starting tutorial for this type of thing, or other suggestions about what I could search for to find it?

    Tuesday, September 3, 2019 10:43 PM