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  • Hi,

    we're beginning to look at MDS and while trying it a bit I've run into a small issue:

    We're importing people data, and we are wondering how to handle translating stuff like this:

    Employee ID Country_code Department Gender
    123456 FI 4310 Mies
    456789 NO 4310 Mann
    789456 DK 4310 Mand

    The Department field is a seperate entity - but we're seing that we can only have one code/key for 4310. So the idea is to make 3 different codes (NO4310, DK4310, FI4310 or similar). 
    But when we import data the field will just have "4310".

    Can we use validation rules to set the logic like "If country = "NO" & Department = 4310 then Department = NO4310" during import? 

    Else we need to build some kind of parser on the import which transforms the national department code to a common value.

    Or - is an idea to instead use one department code/key, and then make some kind of other attribute on it which reflects where it belongs? Like "Department_Country_NO" = "Norse Department Name"? 
    But how to then reflect that back to the employment entries? 

    Secondly - we have three different values for gender coming into the import, can I easily translate those into the same value, "Male", during an import? 

    Any great ideas, or pointers where to look? :) 

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