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  • Hi everyone,

    i am developing a word 2007 addin in visual studio 2008 and c# 4.0.

    I am inserting a table into a document with a title row and one more row, which acts like a template row. the user can format this template row, add colors etc. Then when he decides to fill the table with data, he pushes a button in the ribbon and i am copying this template row for each item in the datasource and insert data into it. One of the requirements is, that the user can add additional rows to the table afterwards. But if he refills the table with data, I have to delete all rows created automatically and regenerate them by means of the datasource.

    My problem is to identify the rows my app inserted and distinguish them from manually added ones. Is there any possibility to set an attribute or something like that on the rows and read them back anytime later to know, which rows were created my the app?

    hope you can help me.

    F/\nt/\sy PRODUCTIONS
    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 6:57 AM

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