EWS Managed API: Email sender name incorrect if loading properties of multiple emails and several emails have same email address (but different names) RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have an issue using the Exchange Web Services Managed API. I'm essentially implementing an 'inbox', and am essentially using two calls:

    folder.FindItems(filter, view) with the view set up with the 'idonly' property.

    The returns a 'FindItemResults<>' object containing a set of items.

    And then calling service.LoadPropertiesForItems(items, props), where the props contains all 'first class properties', which includes the sender details.

    Now, the inbox contains several emails from the same email address but with different displaynames.

    E.g. There may be one email from "Bob <>" and another email from "Alice <>" and another email from "Charlie <>" etc.

    The issue is that in the information that EWS returns from the call to LoadPropertiesForItems, every email ends up with the same sender name (from the first one in the list)!

    i.e. When I enumerate through the returned items, the item.Sender.Name will always be"Bob" for every email where Sender.Address is 

    I have debugged this with a http sniffer just to ensure that it really is the EWS coming back with this information rather than anything in the managed layer.

    Is this a known issue? How can I work around this (without querying every single email for the sender name individually, as that would be too slow)?


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