Modifying the Schemas RRS feed

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  • BizTalk documentation says:


    "You cannot modify the root name of any EDI schema, or add to the root name, because the root name must contain the version and the document type in a standard naming convention. As a result, if you want to deploy two schemas in the same BizTalk Group with the same root name, you must use a different namespace for each one."


    Our messages look like this (taken from http://www.edielorg/)


    UNA:+.? '
    UNH+1+DELFORBig Smile:96A:ZZ:EDIEL2'



    EdiReceive pipeline however expects a schema with a root element EFACT_D96A_DELFOR_EDIEL2.


    The message looks correct after the receive pipeline but if I send it through the EdiSend pipeline, the UNB header is not taken from the party but rather uses the global EDI properties.




    What could be wrong?



    Saturday, January 12, 2008 9:25 AM


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