Content get Cutoff when moving from Snap state to Fill state and Fill state to Full state RRS feed

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  • Hello All,

    I am making Windows store app using C#.net and Xaml. I am using flip view which cover complete screen what ever the resolution of current device(1366x768, etc..). I have many data templates binded inside in flip view. All this added in flip view one by one at run time depending on the time interval. This all is done successfully. But the problem is when I moved from snap state to fill state my content looks like cutoff and there is a wide black space. This happen again when I move from Fill state to full state. I tried every thing for this but not getting the exact issue. 

    Before I was using same layout for Filled state and Full State but now I am using different layout with different data templates for each State but still problem is there.

    It is very critical issue because without resolving it my app won't pass on App store. I am not getting whats wrong with it? Is it a problem due to Flip view?

    Any idea or suggestion or link will help.



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  • If this is a critical issue I would suggest you open a support case.  If this is not a critical issue you need to post a sample reproducing the issue.  There is not enough information here to even to start to guess what could be wrong.

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  • Hi

    Thanks for replying. The issue is-<o:p></o:p>

    When I go to any state using Visual State manager I am picking the respected layout. It is working well. But when I go from snap to fill state there is a cutoff of content seems. The layout does not fix in to the fill state windows and there seems a blank space on left side or right side. These again happen when I move from fill state to full state view. Some time it appears that the half portion of flip view barrel get cutoff. It looks very wrong. It is not get correct after some time even. I have to move out from the page and then go back on this page then these disappear. Again when I followed the same process I got the same issue again. It never happens with the pages which using a Grid View control. I debug my app and found that when I am at fill state in case of 1366 x 768 resolution I got width of Flip view control of Fill state layout as 1024 and when I move to full state the Flip View control of full state layout it is still of the same width which should not be happen it should change width from 1024 to full screen size that is 1366. The important thing is when in fill state flip view has width of 1024 in that case also it is not fit in the view there is a blank space. Also the same thing for the full state.

    I am not getting whether I am doing some mistake in binding data template to flip view control or flip view is not getting proper width at run time. I am binding data template in both layout at same time as my data is binding depending upon the time interval which is compulsory functionality for the app. Also user should see the same content in all views. 




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