How the outlook get the mail update event RRS feed

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  • We have the following scenario:

     1. The exchange client includes:

         Outlook 2013,  outlook  2016 and some MAC users

         MAPI  protocol ;  Most users use the Cache mode for Outlook

    2.  The end user receives the mails

    3. We have one EWS tool to check mails in O365 and do some update operations for some mails

    4. But the end user found that the outlook client needs 20-30 seconds to get the mail updated

    Such as:

          1:10 AM  mail arried in O365 store

          1:12  AM  the EWS tool update the mail

          1:40 AM  End user see the update

       Our question will be:

        1. How the outlook client knows the mail update

        2. Which outlook setting or EWS API can make the mail update take effect with less time for outlook client , such as several seconds

    Friday, April 14, 2017 2:56 AM

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  • Hi SimonChenTM ,

    On your first question the updating process is done by Exchange server via internal components  like Exchange Active Sync , regarding  speed  it depends on many different factors both Hardware and software, including your network speed ,the frequency  in which mails are being transmitted between sender and receiver , the size (MB) of the exchanged mails ,software issues will   depend on the EWS system , I am assuming that the EWS is a Windows service that's running with a sort of timer implementation . to solve your issue you need to review both the hardware and software aspects . this  link can help on improving your outlook client , syncing speed .

    Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:45 PM