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    Hi Guys,

    I desperately need advice on scalability.

    Im planning on building a high scale network, My 1st take is GeoLocation and Media Repository.

    I built a system that scales each image to 50x50 ( Small ), 150x150 ( Medium ) and 500x500 ( Standard )
    So we save time around resizing the image on request, Images would also be served directly from the path e.g

    http://cdn.mysite.com/images/images01/1/2abdd262-26d1-4f19-88b9-096596e251e5_s.jpg - Small
    http://cdn.mysite.com/images/images01/1/2abdd262-26d1-4f19-88b9-096596e251e5_m.jpg - Medium
    http://cdn.mysite.com/images/images01/1/2abdd262-26d1-4f19-88b9-096596e251e5_l.jpg - Large

    If i need a custom image size - I would need to have a ASP.NET IHttp Handler that rezsizes the image and stores it in cache.

    Would this increase my performance by serving images directly and scalling images sizes on upload?

    I looked at some examples like Myspace, Facebook and also Brightkite, It seems all these guys are creating different
    image sizes on upload.

    Also my main concern is i dont want to store direct image path in my db e.g

    I want to make a request to my repository database providing it with a Image ID and location ID, so in return it will provide me with a full image path.

    Request to Repository databae:

    Image ID = 2abdd262-26d1-4f19-88b9-096596e251e5

    Location ID = 61

    Repository Response:

    Image Full path = http://cdn.skyvee.com/images/images01/1/2abdd262-26d1-4f19-88b9-096596e251e5_s.jpg

    I know i do not want to request it from db everytime i need to serve a image, So i would have a dedicated Memcached server to store image full path.

    Would this be great for scalability ?

    Please also have a look at my prevois post at http://forums.asp.net/t/1476257.aspx

    Thanks Guys.

    Thursday, December 17, 2009 1:46 AM


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