How can I sign a text by certificate in SQL Server and provide PKCS#7 signature?


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    In my app i need to implement digital signature of some text, extracted from DB data (customer bill, for example), to send a text by e-mail together with it's signature in PKCS#7 format. Both because of high load and data volumes, and a fact that an e-mail app is provided by external developers, it's highly desired to include a text signature in SQL Server resultset, which returns all the data (e-mail attachments) to e-mail app.

    The problem is that SQL Server uses x509 v.3 certificate format. It is not a problem while importing certificate and a key - I can convert it to x509 v.3 using OpenSSL before import, it's a one-time deal. But is there a way to convert a SQL Server signature to PKCS#7 format inside SQL Server, or do I have to implement a signing process outside of it?

     Thanks in advance!

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