Entering multiple rows of data (repeating table) from Infopath 2007 into a Sharepoint list, leveraging Sharepoint Designer


  • I've done some searching through this forum but have not found a specific solution for this question.  For context, I'm working with InfoPath 2007 and Sharepoint 2007.  I'm not a programmer, but in terms of InfoPath/Sharepoint skills, I have developed an infopath form that once populated, submits an XML file to a form library in Sharepoint, and using Sharepoint Designer, have created the necessary workflow to create a new record in a Sharepoint list based on the promoted fields on the form library. 

    On to my current project.  I'd like to create a basic timesheet form in InfoPath that will allow the user to select their name, based on their name filter the specific tasks associated with that user (task list with associated users resides in an existing Sharepoint list), and allow the user to select individual tasks for a specific week and assign time spent on those tasks.  My intent is to create a repeating table in the form such that the user can enter multiple items/records in the form, and by clicking "Sumbit" when done, all that info is added/updated to a Sharepoint list (by way of a form library and necessary workflow). 

    My first question is, is what I'm suggesting above doable using InfoPath Designer and Sharepoint Designer (again, I can't program)?  If so, I'm stumped on how to submit multiple records at the same time using the repeating table. I've figured out how to identify associated tasks based on a selected user name by using a Data Source and a repeating group (filtered based on the user name). 

    Seperate from not being able to solve this programmatically, I work for a large enterprise which will not support adding already-coded solutions to Sharepoint, hence my focus on trying to figure this out using Sharepoint Designer if possible.  Many thanks in advance for any input you could offer.


    Thursday, June 09, 2011 4:18 PM


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  • Hi Alex,

    I hate to say, but unfortunately you cannot submit a repeating table to a sharepoint list without using some form of custom code or addon.  Are you allowed to put code in your form? (you don't necessarily need to be a programmer to do this - there are good examples out there where you pretty much just replace the sharepoint url and the xpath of the datafields)

    Thursday, June 09, 2011 5:27 PM
  • Thanks Melli for the quick reply.  I guess I've always been apprehensive of adding code because I'm so unfamiliar with the process.  If you can point me in the direction of a step-by-step guide for submitting a repeating table to a list, I'll take a stab and see where it takes me.  Maybe I can set up the form at its simplest and try the custom code to get comfortable with it.  

    Thanks again, look forward to your reply. 

    Thursday, June 09, 2011 7:56 PM
  • Here's a step by step:

    I really like the as a guide on using the advantages of InfoPath.  It really helped me get started.  I wasn't a programmer either when I started but I picked up on it.  I personally prefer c# (over vb)

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    Thursday, June 09, 2011 8:04 PM