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  •  Jamie Thomson wrote:


    The following 2 URIs return the same thing:



    Thus proving that Astoria is not case-sensitive. Is there any way to enforce case-sensitivity?


    Actually, in the current CTP some things are case sensitive and some things aren't. In the actual product we are more picky about these things. That begs the question: why do you want case sensitivity? would you want it in everything or something in particular?


     Jamie Thomson wrote:

    Is it possible to GET a subset of all properties of an entity? The only behaviour that I have seen is effectively SELECT *


    Not currently, and unless there is massive feedback saying it's necessary we don't have plans for this. Astoria presents a *resource* view of the data; projection is a transformation operation...doesn't feel as a natural fit. There are, however, two things we'll do: we'll allow you to fetch a single field (e.g. /Customers[ALFKI]/CompanyName) and we will probably automatically defer LOBs.


     Jamie Thomson wrote:

    I think I already know the answer to this is but is there an equivalent to T-SQL's LIKE operator? Any plans for one?


    Is there one now? No

    Do we have plans for one? err...do you need one? really bad?


     Jamie Thomson wrote:

    Any plans to allow aggregate queries (e.g. COUNT, MIN, MAX, etc..)?

    We are thinking about this, but haven't made a call yet. I acknowledge the usefulness of it...just trying to control how much interface surface area we have.


     Jamie Thomson wrote:

    Any plans to support model versioning? e.g. v1, v2, vN, vCurrent.

    For incremental changes you can add them to the same service, and the client will be flexible about this. For non-incremental changes we're thinking that you'd just create a new base uri...and maybe maintain the old one for a while, using mapping (Entity Framework mapping) to compensate for any new differences in the store.


     Jamie Thomson wrote:

    Seems to be a problem with formats. The following doesn't return JSON:


    According to UsingMicrosoftCodenameAstoria.doc it should do.

    You can switch to JSON by setting the "Accept" HTTP header to application/json. The $format option is disabled by default. You can enable it in your own services by using an option in the web.config file. For our services we chose not to allow too many URI-based tricks to stay on the safe side (we don't allow JSONP either in the service).


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    Wednesday, August 8, 2007 6:24 AM