re-exec error: exit status 1: output: write \\?\E:\docker_data\tmp\hcs575965679\Files\src\dockerimage\image.tar: There is not enough space on the disk. RRS feed

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  • How should somebody handle this error?

    I have the following in my daemon.json

    "registry-mirrors": [],
    "insecure-registries": [],
    "debug": true,
    "experimental": false,
    "data-root": "e:\\docker_data",
      "storage-opts": [

    there is not 120 gb being used.   The disks are not full?

    E:\Docker_data is only 13 gb big with several images and container data

    What is the recommended approach to solve this long term?   should we be doing docker container prune --force and docker image prune --force periodically?

    Thanks in advance

    Client: Docker Engine - Enterprise
     Version:           19.03.2
     API version:       1.40
     Go version:        go1.12.8
     Git commit:        c92ab06ed9
     Built:             09/03/2019 16:38:11
     OS/Arch:           windows/amd64
     Experimental:      false

    Server: Docker Engine - Enterprise
      Version:          19.03.2
      API version:      1.40 (minimum version 1.24)
      Go version:       go1.12.8
      Git commit:       c92ab06ed9
      Built:            09/03/2019 16:35:47
      OS/Arch:          windows/amd64
      Experimental:     false

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  • Greetings,

    Would you mind to check log entries in Event Viewer?

    Sic Parvis Magna

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019 9:28 AM
  • It looks like I needed to periodically do a docker image prune --force periodically to cleanup auxillary images (layers) that are built along the way.

    Does this make sense?

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019 6:40 PM
  • Yes, if this box is acting as build server.

    Sic Parvis Magna

    Thursday, October 10, 2019 9:05 AM