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    Moving from Virtual Server I find the new way to deal with virtual machines cumbersome and counter-productive.


    In Virtual Server I would have a directory for every VM, an all relevant data for that would be in there - the configuration as well as the hard discs. I could add/remove virtual machines, so I could just remove it, then copy it to another system, add it there. Mind you, this is not for clustering - but sometimes we just move machines. Too small for a real cluster here at the moment Wink


    It also is nice if you have to reinstall systems etc. - I could format the system partition and would not loose the virtual machine data.


    Hyper-V per definition is a lot less nice for that. VIrtual Machines are distributed in files. The export method puts the VM into a totally different location (new folder) and after an import it says it will use the files from there.

    This makes it hard:

    * To move a virtual server to another machine i have to export it. That is nice - but it COPIES the hard disc, which is resource intensive ;(

    * In case of a system crash where we have to reinstall, that totally craps out. I had this case once - we had to make a reset on the system (it was unstable, did not respond) and all machine configurations were lost) there seems to be no way to get the machine configuration back.


    How is the recommended approach to handle this? We have already reconfigured Hyper-V to store the VHD files in another location (on mirrored discs, just for that), but in case I have to reinstall I am loosing all VM configurations, which I seriously do not like.


    As it looks now, the best way IMHO is:

    * To export every virtual machine to the mirrored hard discs.

    * To re-import it from there.


    This way we have all files for a VM in a central location.


    There is a warning about not being able to re-import the VM. Is this "real"? I can understant not being able to run the same VM twice...

    ...but in case I have to reinstall the hypervisor, why can I not just reinstall the existing virtual machine?

    Wednesday, January 30, 2008 2:13 PM