Windows Media Encoder SDK 9 RRS feed

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  • I have two Saperate Projects that is  to Capture a Video from TV tuner card and Audio from Sound Card.

    I have some Issues about Windows Media Encoder SDK 9 in Visual Basic 6

    Sepcification of hardware is
    Pentium 3 800 Mhz windows 2000.
    Builtin Sound,VGA, 256 MB RAM.
    Pinical or PixelView TV tuner card (testing on both)

    1. When i record from TV tuner card the CPU Usage goes to 100% and maintain as 100% usage
    2. their is a option of auto stop recording according to given time. but is their any option that auto stop and start recording at same time . ( right now i use stop and start technique and rename the file name.)
    3. Problem with same brand of TV tuner Card. if i install two tv tuner card of same brand. and run 2 instance of my project and tune the channels. when i tune one tv tuner card it change others Tv tuner card channel.

    Now for Audo Recording.
    1. i didnt get audio level. is their any other solution.
    2. i want to saperate right and left audio channel.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Monday, April 24, 2006 4:44 AM