Uploading 1 TB custom VM image to Premium Storage account


  • We would like to upload a 1 TB custom VM image to a Premium LRS storage account.  Our goal is to create a P30 based VM with the corresponding 5000 IOP benefit.  The VM will run a vendor-based application that is restricted to running on the C: drive.  When uploading the image using AZCopy the following error is returned - "File size 1TB is larger than PageBlob maximum size 1TB.".  The image size is exactly 1073741825 KB.  The command used is as follows:

    .\AzCopy /Source:R:\HyperV_VMs\AZUpload /Dest: /DestKey:myreallylongkey== /BlobType:"page"

    Many Thanks,

    Sergio P

    Monday, August 15, 2016 3:42 PM

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