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  • Continuing my pushing on the (future?) possibility of using WF4 in situations where low-latency response is needed, here is a potential scenario that might be of more general interest than my game authoring scenario:

    Consider an ASP.NET AJAX-enabled application. Not currently a likely fit to WF4, but exploring what it would take to make this work.

    First, spec the server as having sufficient RAM and insuring that WF thread is given a good percentage of time, and that there is never more than 1/10 second delay between WF thread chunks of execution time. Limit number of open connections to the app to the number of active invokations WF4 allows. Would want to configure that to a number such as 200. Kick off a user if 5 minutes without response.

    The point of including AJAX, is that it means that there may be fairly frequent events coming from the user, going to that user's stateful ASP.NET session.

    The limited number of connections is to insure that the sessions don't have to be dehydrated. (Dehydrate if the user doesn't respond for 5 minutes; after that, they go through a log-in to get back to their session.  If at limit of concurrent users, they won't be able to log-in, or might be redirected to a different server with a lighter load.)

    The question is whether WF4 could respond reliably, within 1/10 second or so, to each AJAX event. (Assume total load doesn't overload the server.)?

    My sense from what I read now, is that is not the current expectation with WF. Stuff happens "eventually", but that is all that is certain.

    I'm trying to foster a discussion of "low-latency" scenarios, where it would be good to tune WF (and the available hardware and load) to be reliably responsive, at least most of the time.
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 8:04 PM


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