sub report is not working for RDLC VS2010 report using VB.NET 2010


  • Hi,

    I'm working on VS2010 rdlc report. my work is to convert all crystal reports into VS2010 rdlc report.

    I have completed all the possibility of report conversion. now i am confusing and has problem in sub report concept of rdlc.

    Actually there is one main report and i have 26 sub reports available for this main report. I am using add hander in VB.NET 2010

    AddHandler objRPTVWR.ReportViewer1.LocalReport.SubreportProcessing, AddressOf CD01SubreportProcessingEvent

    for every 26 subreport.

    In every CD01SubreportProcessingEvent procedure i'm executing select query using dataset and assign to e.datasource like,

     e.DataSources.Add(New ReportDataSource("dsSoxInpDtlAuditCD01", l_dsRptCD01.Tables(0)))

    So, I need complete set of coding help for sub report calling in VB.NET 2010..

    Saravanan K

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:38 AM