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    Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

    This forum is the place to post questions and comments about the .NET Framework, Sandcastle and Visual Studio documentation content and help system functionality. This is also the right forum for questions about building custom documentation and integrating it into Visual Studio. It’s the perfect place to ask questions like:

    • How can I configure the help system to...?
    • How can I use the help system to search for...?
    • Where can I find documentation for...?
    • Do you have any topics about...?
    • Have you considered providing walkthroughs for...?
    • Why can't I find any docs about...?
    • Why doesn't your topic about...have the information I'm looking for?

    This isn’t the place to post technical questions or comments about using other Visual Studio or .NET Framework features.  For those issues, try one of the other Microsoft Technical Forums.


    Documentation and Help System Bugs

    Rather than posting bugs to the forum, it’s more effective to use the following methods to report them:


    Visual Studio Help

    1. Locate the Help topic that you want to submit feedback for
    2. Near the bottom of the topic, click feedback site to connect to the MSDN Product Feedback Center
    3. When you submit feedback, Please choose Documentation/Help entry for the Where did you encounter the problem field.

    MSDN Library

    1. Locate the Help topic that you want to submit feedback for
    2. Near the top right corner of the topic, hover over Rate This Content to submit the rating and feedback.

    For more details about using the forums, see Josh Ledgard's Welcome to the MSDN Forums Beta post.



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