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  • The explorer.exe process that displays the desktop is also the owner of a dialog box as follows.
    The caption is an empty string.
    The first child is a button that says:  OK
    The second child is a static that displays an error icon, a red disk with white X
    The third child is a static that says:  '(null)' が見つかりません。名前を正しく入力したかどうかを確認してから、やり直してください。ファイルを検索するには、 [スタート] ボタンをクリックしてから、[検索] をクリックしてください。
    Rough translation:
    '(null)' is not found.  Please check if you inputted the name correctly or not, and fix it.  To search for a file, click the [Start] button and then click [Search].

    This has happened often enough that I finally figured out what name I inputted.  In the task bar's notification area there is an icon for the local area network adapter.  I inputted a right mouse click into that icon, which brought up a context menu, and then I inputted a left mouse click into the menu entry "ネットワーク接続を開く(O)" (translation: "Open network connections (O)").

    And Microsoft wonders why customers complain about Microsoft blaming customers.  How should I check if I inputted my right mouse click and left mouse click correctly or not?

    Now, if I go to the スタート (Start) menu and select 検索 (Search), what filename should I search for?  And if Search finds the filename, what should I do with it?

    Friday, February 5, 2010 1:19 AM