need help: Application onto Mobie device RRS feed

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    Hi Vinodh, I have tried using the sample application on my cell and its working (http://www.dotnetforce.com/mobilesite/mobilehome.aspx ) I have tried to move my files as it was in my application. My application on my PC has folders: bin Display-Places Edit-Places global VBComponents I have created the same structure on www.brinskter.com bin has all the dll files in it. Display-Places has a folder "mobile" in which I have my defaultposition.aspx and web.config files Edit-Places has edit-places.aspx used for editing purposeses like Update, Insert and delete functionalities. Global has connection-string.aspx VBComponents has the VB dll files generated. I am not being to integrate these folders to work together on brinkster.com ... Can u help me for example: Function GetPlacesDataSet(strPlaceName As String, strStateID As String) As DataSet Session("MobilePlaceDataSet") = Nothing 'get connection string from connect-strings.ascx user control Dim strConnect As String strConnect = ctlConnectStrings.OLEDBConnectionString Try 'create an instance of the data access component Dim objOrderList As New globaldata.accessposition(strConnect) 'call the method to return the data as a DataSet next This is a function which interacts with dll file in bin directory ... how should I integrate in the website ?? can u help me. Thanks in advance. -Deepak.
    Tuesday, September 21, 2004 10:46 AM

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    Hi, If u r loading the user control dynamically then u need to specify the absolute path of the user control or virtual path to get the virtual directy path pls use this code string Path = Server.MapPath("."); this code take u to the virtual path if u need to go to bin dir mean string Path = Server.MapPath(".") + "bin\"; Regards,
    Wednesday, September 22, 2004 8:50 AM