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    Dear .NET Pros:

    In the Time Tracker program I liked the DAL that was used so I incorporated it into another project.

    It appears that when Executing Stored Procs the return value always returns -1 even if you return a ZERO in the stored proc.

    I wanted to find out if anyone else encounted this error and found the fix for it?

    Below is the code I am running.

    I find it a little strange that the Time Tracker does not use a return param from the stored proc for standard error

    VB.NET Code - Return Value always - 1?

     Dim intRtnVal As Integer = 0
                intRtnVal = SqlHelper2.ExecuteNonQuery(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("CnnStr"), _
                                                                "AUSP_Update_ItemMaster", _
                                                                wItem.ItemNumber, _
                                                                wItem.Category, _
                                                                wItem.SubCategory, _
                                                                wItem.DescriptionShort, _
                                                                wItem.DescriptionLong, _
                                                                wItem.ImageThumbnail, _
                                                                wItem.ImageLarge, _
                                                                wItem.Price, _
                                                                wItem.Status, _
            Catch ex As Exception
                LblErrMsg.Text = ex.Message
                Exit Sub
            End Try

    Stored Proc: Always Returns ZERO for a test, but the DAL gives -1

    ALTER       PROCEDURE AUSP_Update_ItemMaster
     @ItemNumber  varchar (20),
          @MainCategory  char (15),
     @SubCategory  char (2),
     @DescriptionShort varchar (150),
     @DescriptionLong        varchar (1024),
     @ImageThumbnail  image,
     @ImageLarge  image,
     @Price                  money,
            @Status   varchar (1),
     @Error   int OUTPUT

    /* See if the record exists */
    Select ItemNumber from AHS_ItemMaster where ItemNumber = @ItemNumber

    /* Insert New Record Else Update The Old Record */
    if @@ROWCOUNT = 0
     INSERT INTO AHS_ItemMaster
                   (ItemNumber, MainCategory, SubCategory, DescriptionShort, DescriptionLong, ImageThumbnail, ImageLarge, Price, Status)
     VALUES (@ItemNumber, @MainCategory, @SubCategory, @DescriptionShort, @DescriptionLong, @ImageThumbnail, @ImageLarge, @Price, @Status)
     UPDATE AHS_ItemMaster
     SET  MainCategory = @MainCategory, SubCategory=@SubCategory, DescriptionShort=@DescriptionShort, DescriptionLong=@DescriptionLong, ImageThumbnail=@ImageThumbnail, ImageLarge=@ImageLarge, Price=@Price, Status=@Status
            WHERE ItemNumber = @ItemNumber

    /*select @Error = @@Error
    Return @Error*/
    return 0
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Tuesday, November 22, 2005 9:22 AM

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  • User1829916646 posted

    The return value of the ExecuteNonQuery method will give you the number of rows affected by all statements in the stored proc.  However, since the stored proc uses SET NOCOUNT ON, the method's return value will always be -1.

    If you want the return value of the stored proc, you'll need to create a parameter object with Direction of ParameterDirection.ReturnValue, then get the value from that parameter after invoking the method.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2005 2:32 AM
  • User121994837 posted

    Hi Jake,

    To clarify I am using the Data Access Blocks and not creating my own Execute.NonQuery. See Next Post.


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    Wednesday, November 23, 2005 10:48 AM
  • User121994837 posted

    Well now I know.  The return values using the Data Access Blocks is due to the fact you can call the methods using values or SQL Params.  If  you want a return value you have to pass the parms and not By Value to SQLHELPER.

    If you search on RETURN VALUES USING DATA ACCESS BLOCK you will soon see how many people are banging thier heads against the wall.

    Finally after a lot of reading and testing I have it.

    SQLp(1) As SqlParameter

    'My proc has two params Key, and Output

    SQLp(0) =
    New SqlParameter("@CartID", strCartID)

    'Output Value
    SQLp(1) =
    New SqlParameter("@ItemsTotal", SqlDbType.Money)
    SQLp(1).Direction = ParameterDirection.Output

    'Forget about ReturnValue = SqlHelper. (THIS DOES NOT WORK!)

    'DO This
    SqlHelper.ExecuteNonQuery(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("CnnStr"), _
                                           CommandType.StoredProcedure, _
                                           "AUSP_Select_ShoppingCart_Totals", _

    Guess what? The parm is returned back on the same param that was passed into the DAAB (SEE RED)
    sCartTotal As Single = SQLp(1).Value

    Friday, November 25, 2005 1:32 AM
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