BUG inside 365 rest api for mail and missing functionnality RRS feed

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  • Hi all, 

    We are a little company in france, and we have developed a add-in for outlook, that used the WS exchange and VSTO. Some functionnality are missing in the office rest api for office 365 . i expain that.

    First a bug : hide a folder inside a outlook mailbox. With WS Exchange we can hide a folder in the directory of an outlook account. We can send an SingleValueExtendedProperties (0x104f : true) to make that. Whit the office 365 we can send this same SingleValueExtendedProperties the folder is correctly hide, but after that we can't list them, we can't move them, we can't delete them... a ghost, but when we cant to create a folder whit the same name, we get an error that indicate a folder already exists... 

    Folder list -> GET

    create folder -> 

      "DisplayName": "Business"

    Update folder : rename + hide -> 404 but no floder after that

      "DisplayName": "test",
    "PropertyId":"Boolean 0x10f4",
    "Value": "true"

    I have look the many fonctionnality already present inside the rest api for office 365 but some is inexistant compare to VSTO + exchange : 

    - Apply user rules, we can manage (create, update, delete, list) rule inside a outlook 365 account, but in VSTO we can execute some of theses rules.

    - Create a hidden folder for an account -> Bug, folder hidden but we can't make any action with it.

    - Can we get some event inside the sandbox like mail send ? mail receive ? i have read that the api can subscribe and push some notification to a webserver. but my question is : can we catch theses notification inside the execution sandbox of office365 plugins ? 

    Thursday, March 29, 2018 3:57 PM