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  • Environment: VS2008 WebForms using remote reports from SQL2005SP3CU12

    What I'm seeing is when a report with a page size of landscape letter (PageWidth: 11in, PageHeight: 8.5in) and with a large body (20+ inches wide) is to be printed using the print control, it chooses landscape 11x17 as the paper orientation and type.  (I also have it such that the interactive size matches the page size, in case that matters.)  The print driver seems to be involved somehow, although I'm not sure that my test was the cleanest.  My main printer and by PDF printer both exhibit this, but I added a dummy printer on the FILE: port and gave it letter and 11x17 types, and it defaults to landscape letter.  Additionally, if instead of printing I choose to export a PDF, it gets the page size correct.  I also noted that if the report dimensions are set for landscape A4 (297mm x 210mm), all three printers correctly identify the paper type as A4.

    Has anyone encountered this or is it expected behavior?  I seem to remember reading in some documentation somewhere that the print control tries to select the best paper size, but I can't find the reference again. It could be that it's being overly helpful in trying to print on two 11x17s instead of six letters (even though 11x17 isn't in any of the trays and letter is).


    Wednesday, December 1, 2010 9:16 PM