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    Hello forum:


    i' m develping an application for pocket pc that connect to a server with webservices.


    the server send datasets to the pda application for it works with the data.


    i build tables with the following steps:


    ' Create the table:

    Dim dtExtras As DataTable = New DataTable("TABLE")


    ' Make the columns:

    dtExtras.Columns.Add("DATE_OF_CONNECTION", Type.GetType("System.DateTime"))

    ... (more columns)


    Dim r As DataRow


    ' Assign values to the fields in r:


    r("DATE_OF_CONNECTION") = ...




    ' add datatable to a dataset:

    dim ds as DataSet




    ' then the server send the dataset (ds) to the device


    the PDA receives the ds and make operations on it.


    the problem i get is that if r("DATE_OF_CONNECTION") is BDNull for all rows in dtExtras, the column is not send to the device. If at least 1 of values of r("DATE_OF_CONNECTION") is <> DBNull, the column is send.


    i need to solve this problem, i need always send the "DATE_OF_CONNECTION" column although all its records be DBNull.


    sorry my bad english.


    thanks in advance



    Monday, January 14, 2008 8:27 PM

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