Distance between two locations including country borders info, to calculate distance travelled in each country individually RRS feed

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  • Hi Everyone !

    I want to develop a desktop application in C# which will give me the distance travelled within a country through Bing Maps i.e. if the route crosses a country border then I want to know the real distance in each country.

    I am trying to find any solution that can calculate distance between point A and point B, but including information about country’s border. I need this information in order to calculate the price of trip, as price per km in one country might be different from price per km in other country.

    I want to calculate the number of miles a vehicles travel in each country over a period of time. For trips taken over the period, the user will create routes on the map, and the program should be able to generate some output like: Country A: 100 miles, Country B: 200 miles and Country C: 150 miles etc.

    I did some search in and found very useful stuff but not exactly what I am looking for.

    I am newbie to Bing Maps, could you please help me. Could you please point to a working sample app (sample might be Silverlight, WPF etc)?

    Would it be required to add a SQL database with the outlines of country borders (example of source:

    Thanks in advance

    Monday, February 9, 2015 4:26 PM


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