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  • Sorry for my English.

    A PowerPoint slide contains a group shape (grpSp) with following coordinates:

    <a:off y="2058985" x="244799"/>
    <a:ext cy="2264343" cx="7118946"/>
    <a:chOff y="2058986" x="244799"/>
    <a:chExt cy="1942187" cx="5727249"/>

    This group shape contains a child shape (sp) with following coordinates:

    <a:off y="3084512" x="244799"/>
    <a:ext cy="916661" cx="1710237"/>

    After ungrouping the child shape contains follow coordinates:

    <a:off y="2058986" x="244799"/>
    <a:ext cy="1064224" cx="2545581"/>

    As you can see coordinates are changed - converting to absolute coordinate on the slide.

    I cannot programmatically to make the formula to get these absolutely coordinates. Which formula should I use to convert a child shape's coordinates to absolute as shown in the example (cx="1710237" => "2545581")?

    Friday, June 8, 2018 9:50 PM


  • Hello adamShakhabov,

    As far as I know, <a:ext>:cx is the  width of the shape and <a:off>:x is the x-coordinates of the shape. It should not change if we does not change the size of the shape.

    And I also failed to reproduce your issue based on current description.

    I group two shapes to a group. Then I checked their <x:xfrm>.

    The group is 

    <a:off x="2325950" y="896645" />
    <a:ext cx="1518081" cy="2201662" />
    <a:chOff x="2325950" y="896645" />
    <a:chExt cx="1518081" cy="2201662" />

    One of child shape is 

    <a:off x="2325950" y="896645" />
    <a:ext cx="1518081" cy="816745" />

    After ungrouping without anythings else to do, the<x:xfrm> for the shape is 

    <a:off x="2325950" y="896645" />
    <a:ext cx="1518081" cy="816745" />

    Every thing does not change.

    And after moving the shape location, the <x:xfrm> for the shape now is

    <a:off x="754603" y="2059619" />
    <a:ext cx="1518081" cy="816745" />

    We can see that <a:off> changed and <a:ext> all remains same since the size does not changed.

    I would suggest you details your operation and share a presentation file in case of any misunderstanding,

    Best Regards,


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