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  • hi,

    Currently we have enabled 2 data paths in the DirectX graph, and they work:

    USBCam(QVGA) -> CaptureFilter -> Renderer (for Preview on display)

    USBCam(QVGA) -> CaptureFilter-> ImageSinkFilter (storing JPEG still)

    If I disable the Still path, Direct Show releases 18Mb of system memory. From MSDN documentation I gathered that DirectShow can automatically insert other filters in the data path, there might be a CSC(RGB->YUV color) if the camera is sending YUV as ImaeSinkFilter can only handle RGB input, or with some cameras that the capture path is enabled. Given the size of the memory it allocates, it looks like the capture path is enabled.

    Comments on where to look next to explain the large DirectShow allocation in the Still PIN path? I could not find clear documentation on if/how to enable  DEBUG logs on WinCE6.0 which can give more details of the graph?

    thanks in advance,


    Tuesday, October 2, 2012 2:54 PM

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