[EWS] How to create and immediately accept appointments for attendees? RRS feed

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  • I'm using EWS to create appointments with an organizer and an attendee.  I need to "force" these appointments on their calendars, so I don't want to send them notifications or have them "accept" the meeting.  The attendees are scheduling these appointments through another interface, so accepting the meeting would be a duplicate action that we can't have.  

    Creating the appointment is fine and I'm using SendInvitationsMode.SendToNone to suppress the notifications.  My plan was to immediately "accept" the meeting for them, using Appointment.Accept.  However, I'm not sure how to find the new appointment on the attendee's calendar.  If I use CalendarFolder.FindAppointments to get their appointments for the given date, this new un-accepted appointment isn't returned.  Any ideas?  Ideally, I'd love to get a list of associated appointment UIDs when creating the new appointment.  But I'd even settle for searching their calendar to find the correct appointment.  I just don't see the new appointment when I search so I'm at a loss.  

    I cannot change their calendars to auto-accept since they will still receive invitations from other users as normal.  I also can't create separate appointments on their calendars since I want the organizer to have the option to cancel the meeting from Outlook.  

    Thanks in advance!

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