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  • Hy,


    I've the following Model:

    • an entity FeedItem has
      • one to many <Category>
      • one to many <Response>

    I want to create a new FeedItem on an Astoria Client XBAP :

    • I create a new FeedItem instance
    • Make the DataBinding
    • Let the user set the data and the Categories


    I've got an NullReferenceException when i run feedItem.Catagories.Add( myNewCategoty ).


    I went into the code (Reflector...No substitute Surprise) and i realize that my detached FeedItem entity has a

     "Categories" property of type WebDataCollection<Category> whith no internal "Context" property set.

    Running the code feedItem.Catagories.Add( myNewCategoty ) make a call on this context -> end.Context.StateManager.AddAssociation(end.Owner, obj, this._navProperty); what raise the NullReferenceException.

    The only way to get an WebDataCollection<T> with a Context set is via JsonDeserializer....

    Question-1: am i rigth or did i miss something.


    As a little bug never stop guy like us, i decided to set a custom method NewFeedItem() on the Astoria service side.

    I know this not the best pattern but running CPT requires some "sacrifices"...

    so i try this :


    public static IEnumerable<MyModel.FeedItem>  NewFeedItem(MyModel.Entities model )
        MyModel.FeedItem item = MyModel.FeedItem.CreateFeedItem( NULL_ID, "", "", "", DateTime.Now);
        CopropertyModel.FeedItem[] items = new CopropertyModel.FeedItem[] { item };
        return items;

    i've got HTTP 500 - Internal server error.

    Question-2: What is the problem ?

    Pablo's doc says, i can return an IEnumerable<T> where T is EntityObject.

    Using detached instance is it making a difference ?




    Thursday, November 15, 2007 12:09 PM


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