Is it possible to capture more than 96 stack frames with xperf -stackwalk RRS feed

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  • xperf -stackwalk profile seems to limit the number of captured frames to 96. If the actual stack is larger than 96 frames while sampling, then 1 or more root frames are lost and xperfview shows frames from the middle of the stack (such as jscript.dll!CScriptRuntime::Run) as roots.

    SampledProfile, 10205641, iexplore.exe (1240), 2872, 0x68a9e209, 0, iertutil.dll!0x76be4063, mshtml.dll!0x68a9e209, 1, Unbatched
      Stack,   10205641,       2872,   1, 0x68a9e209,       mshtml.dll!0x68a9e209
      Stack,   10205641,       2872,   2, 0x68a97d3a,       mshtml.dll!0x68a97d3a
      Stack,   10205641,       2872,  95, 0x6a5859f7,      jscript.dll!0x6a5859f7
      Stack,   10205641,       2872,  96, 0x6a587127,      jscript.dll!0x6a587127
    Is it possible to change the maximum number of captured stack frames?

    If not, is it possible to obtain extended stacks programmatily using the underlying SampledProfile provider of windows event tracing?
    Saturday, August 1, 2009 8:19 PM