FAQ: How to activate "un-activated" accounts with ARM credentials to view Azure usage data in Cloudyn RRS feed

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  • Overview: Azure EA customers need to add ARM credentials to activate Usage data (if you only activate with your API Key, you will only see Billing data).
    Please Note: You can organize your Azure accounts into a custom entity hierarchy in Cloudyn. However, since Accounts have to be activated by adding ARM credentials to the actual parent Account from Azure, it's best to activate your accounts with ARM credentials before re-organizing your Accounts, so that parent Accounts are easier to locate.
    - When you need to update your ARM credentials in Cloudyn, make sure that you click the pencil icon next to your "Account" level line item to open the "Rediscover Subscriptions" dialogue box instead of clicking on a "Subscription" level line item, which will open an "Edit Subscriptions" dialogue box instead. ("Account" level line items have content in the first column called "Name" while "Subscription" level line items don't have content in the first column called "Name".)

    As soon as your Azure accounts are discovered by Cloudyn, cost data is immediately provided in cost based reports. However, in order for Cloudyn to provide usage and performance data as well, you need to register your Azure Resource Manager (ARM) credentials too following the instructions:

    - Until your ARM credentials are added to Cloudyn, the account will continue to appear as un-activated. (Again, this doesn’t affect cost reports, but does affect usage and optimization reports. This is why it is recommended but not required to update your ARM credentials in Cloudyn.)

    **If the "Optimizer" tab is not available in Cloudyn, please confirm that you have activated your accounts with ARM credentials.

    Please note:
    - Confirm that you are logged into Cloudyn as a Cloudyn user with administrator permissions and who has full admin permissions in Azure (not co-admin permissions).

    - In order to provide ARM access to Azure Cost Management you need to use a user that can consent 3rd party applications on the tenant and have admin rights on the subscriptions in that tenant. 

    - Consent is required only once per tenant and multiple users can repeat this step to add additional subscriptions (in case on user does not have admin rights on all subscriptions).

    - Confirm that you are clicking on the pencil icon to edit at the Account line (with a name) instead of the Subscription line (below it).

    - After you add your ARM credentials to an account in Cloudyn, you may have to use the edit button again to "rediscover" the account to finish activating it.

    - If you are using multiple Azure EA subscriptions to one instance of Cloudyn you may need an user in Azure with Administrator permissions over all or Subscriptions in order to add ARM credentials to Cloudyn, or you may need to move subscriptions or accounts that use different ARM credentials to their own entities and try activating them again. (You may also need to create Cloudyn users corresponding to your accounts which match your ARM credentials in Azure.)

    - If a Cloudyn admin sees the message "Parent belongs to another entity" by an account they want to activate with ARM credentials... It means that a Cloudyn admin manually moved this child account from under its parent account to this new location in the entity tree, while the account was still un-activated. A Cloudyn admin will need to add ARM credentials to the actual parent account of this child account to activate this child account, even though the two accounts don't show as related in the entity tree in Cloudyn anymore.

    Monday, October 2, 2017 5:35 PM

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  • I'm having an issue with my resources showing as unactivate. When I click the pencil I do not have the options you do. It just gives the option to add the rate plan. If I delete one and re-add it, it gives an error msg. Any thoughts?
    Wednesday, October 4, 2017 1:14 PM
  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your question.

    To add ARM credentials you need to click on the edit icon to the right of the account name not the subscription, is this the icon you were clicking?



    Friday, October 6, 2017 12:49 PM
  • Hi Sharon,

    I'm managing the CSP account in cloudyn and I've the same problem . While I go to Cloud accounts > Select the subscription > click on the Pencil .. I see only the rate card . Any thoughts and suggestion how to add the tenant in the CSP subscription to use optimizer features become available in Cloudyn. 



    Wednesday, November 15, 2017 1:19 PM
  • What's the minimum rights of the Azure Subscription to activate ARM credential for additional subscriptions?

    I'm admin of Cloudyn and there are so many accounts and Azure subscriptions in my organization. I'll ask all subscription owners to add rights to me.

    Some subscriptions are very important so that I want to ask minimum rights for me. Is full admin rights of azure subscription always needed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Friday, February 2, 2018 5:06 AM