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  • Hi,

    I have a problem with ReportViewer (we use version 9) which we use in a Windows Forms application.

    I have a report which has a table where the header is being displayed on every page and the footer only once at the end.

    When we have no detail data the report shows the header and beneath it the footer correctly. When we have data and the footer happens to start on a new page, we have different renderings depending on the machine used.

    Machine 1: Windows 7 or XP with IE8 8.0.7600 (I understand ReportViewer uses explorer to render the reports?)

    First page displays Header and detail data, second page (which has no detail data) prints the header and the footer over each other (both start at the top while we expect the footer to be printed beneath the header).


    HeaderText, FooterText on same level.

    Machine 2: Windows 2003 IE8 8.0.6100

    First page displays header and detail data, second page (which has no detail data) prints header and beneath it the footer data correctly.




    Anyone any idea how to solve this? Our clients are using Windows XP and IE7 at the moment and they don't get the correct version either.



    Wednesday, November 3, 2010 1:56 PM