Geocode Location values varies in V8 with V7 RRS feed

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  • During the migration from V7 to V8, we found that Geo Location varies for one of the location in V8.

    We tried to find location for the Pincode: 35243 and below is the variation we see in V8 with V7

    Geocode Location values in Version 8: 33.4603576660156, -86.7311248779297

    Geocode Location values in Version 7: 33.44133377075195,-86.74085235595703


    Wednesday, August 9, 2017 1:53 PM


  • This is to be expected. Zip/postal codes are large areas. When geocoding a zip/postal code, any point within that area is technically a valid result. The reason for the difference is that Bing Maps V7 is using an old geocoder which is using old data. Zip/postal code boundaries often change over time. Bing Maps V8 is using a new geocoder which has much more updated data which in this case has an updated coordinate for this zip/postal code. I believe the new location for this postal code is based on the weighted center of the population of the boundary, rather than on the geographical center, which is a highly requested ask by customers. Here is an image showing this zip code boundary as well as the V7 coordinate in blue and the v8 location in red. 

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    Wednesday, August 9, 2017 7:33 PM