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  • When will Windows 8 offer driver for the nTrig DuoSense touch screen?


    I have the Windows 8 Developer Preview installed on and hp Slate 500 (DuoSense), a Dell Latitude E6410 ATG, and an hp Elite 8000 desktop connected to a single point touch screen. The touch screen connected to the Elite 8000 started working properly about a week ago, an update must have come down from Microsoft. The Slate has a 4 point touch screen and would definitely let me test all the aspects of the OS. 


    With the Slate I can drag and I can get to the desktop and functions work, but the main screen, most of the buttons will do nothing when pressed.


    The manufacturers have Win 7 drivers for these but they will not install under Win 8 Developer.

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 4:57 PM

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  • Odomr22823,


    Have you tried installing the problematic drivers in compatibly mode?

    You can do this by following the below instructions:

    ·         Enter the Start screen

    ·         Move your mouse to the bottom left of the screen to expand the Charms section

    ·         Select Search

    ·         Type Compatibility

    ·         Click Settings in the right column

    ·         Click Run programs made for previous versions of Windows

    ·         Then follow the prompts and direct the troubleshooter to the installer for your computer's driver.

    Please post back with your results.


    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 5:45 PM
  • most of the buttons will do nothing when pressed.

    Are you talking about "buttons" in the frame or something rendered on your display?   For example, my HP TouchSmart has some function buttons around the frame (which IMO are more of a nuisance in slate mode than helpful, e.g. hitting one accidentally when misgripping the side they are on could cause an inadvertent switch from landscape to portrait mode) but I wouldn't expect them to be working unless HP provided something for testing.   In fact, in slate mode I often go into Task Manager to kill the process involved to ensure I will avoid that problem.   ; )

    Also, are you in a multi-monitor setup?  I do have n-Trig for the touchscreen and I do have the latest drivers forced installed (dpinst.exe manual override when the install in compatibility mode finally failed) but I still don't have reliable capacitive tap, even with the pen, when the display is my Tablet.   Dragging works "fluidly" so that suggests to me that my hardware is Ok.   What I would like to find is some test tools to clarify the symptom.   E.g. one thing very clear is that it can't possibly work in Extended mode, since all my taps or presses evidently get mapped to the equivalent coordinates of my main monitor!  I can even do it in Display only mode, e.g. with the Calculator app showing that buttons are being selected and pushed!

    OMG.   Why didn't I think of this?   I can tap tiles using my Tablet provided the display is the main monitor.   Hovering over it with my pen shows me where I can tap.  I don't have good enough coordination to "hover" my fingers without accidentally actually touching the screen and doing something unintentional.   Thanks for making me find this!   ; )

    I think in my case this is pretty clearly more an OS usability problem than a touchscreen driver problem.



    Robert Aldwinckle

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 9:03 PM
  • I too have this problem. I'm using the HP Touchsmart TX2-1275dx. Based on what I'm looking at, it would seem that there is alot of "jitter" when touching the screen.
    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 9:14 PM
  • I too have this problem. I'm using the HP Touchsmart TX2-1275dx. Based on what I'm looking at, it would seem that there is alot of "jitter" when touching the screen.

    @ pfrabott

    What version of n-trig do you have?  Tip:  use  msinfo32.exe  to search for  ntrig  to find out.

    FWIW much of what I wrote above in my previous post is now obsolete.  What happened after that is that I discovered I didn't have that latest version on W7 (I'm not sure what I had there), so I installed the latest update there too and in the course of doing that noticed that there was a firmware update installed (presumably because the install didn't fail.)   After that Touch in both W7 and W8 has been working great for me.  In addition I discovered that the other problem I alluded to, about the OS getting confused about which monitor is being touched, is something which is common to both OS, and easily avoided by making the Tablet the primary display.  The only problem with that arrangement, especially in W7, is that that makes the Taskbar primary on the Tablet and windows mostly opening there.   Fortunately I also discovered a list of keyboard shortcuts and now use  Win-Shift-CursorLeft  to throw such windows where I want them.   But as far as touch goes its effects are now staying on the Tablet and working fine.



    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 10:45 PM