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  • By: sryan

    I posted thie following question a week ago. No one responded, but I thought 
    I'd give it one more shot. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
    I have a floating panel in my app that has a user control repeated several 
    times inside. The floating panel has a thumb in the lower right corner that 
    makes it resizable like a window. At one point the user control had a slider 
    that bound its value to a the scalex and scaley of the layout transform of a 
    grid inside itself. That way when you moved the slider the entire user 
    control (including the text) would enlarge or decrease. This worked well, but 
    no one liked using the slider or having to resize each user control 
    individually. So it was decided to remove the slider and make the floating 
    panel a uniform grid. That way each user control ould be the same size. The 
    idea would then be that as you resized the floating planel the user control's 
    would resize too. Although they are resizing, now that the slider is gove the 
    binding with the layout transform is also gone. That means that the content 
    of the user controls are staying the same size. I would like to add the 
    binding baze so I can get that text resizing again, but I am at a loss as to 
    what to bind to exactly. Before I was binding to the value of my slider. I 
    can't do that now. Maybe it's just too early on a Monday, but I'm drawing a 
    complete blank on how to proceed. Any suggestions would be helpful. 
    Wednesday, February 20, 2008 1:09 AM