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  • I have a VFP6 app that has been in production for a long time. Somewhere along the way (who knows how long ago), this grid stopped working properly and they are just noticing now.  It is an grid that allows the Admin to update users' access to different screens by checking/unchecking SELECT, VIEW, UPDATE, DELETE values in a grid.  The grid lists the different screens and these actions in checkboxes within the grid.

    The recordsource of the grid is a temp file created as follows:

    lcTmpFile = SUBSTR(SYS(2015), 3, 10)

    CREATE TABLE (lcTmpFile) (ObjectId  C(4), ;
            ObjectDesc C(40), ;
            ObjectType C(1), ;
            View   L,  ;
            Add   L,  ;
            Edit   L,  ;
            Delete  L   )
    USE &lcTmpFile ALIAS tmpAccess EXCL


    This is then the recordsource for the grid.  The user clicks "EDIT" and presumably the grid and checkboxes become ENABLED and READONLY is set to FALSE.  I believe I checked this and looks like that is what it is doing.  The click event fires when I click on a checkbox, but the value of the checkbox does not change.  So it *seems* like it is somehow disabled or readonly, but I checked these properties.  I don't see an "AllowCellSelection" property on the grid - is this new since Version 6?? 

    Again, the user *used* to be able to do this and at some point in time, it stopped working.  How can I figure out why the checkbox values are not TAKING?  It just looks like it is allowing me the Check/Uncheck it but then I don't see the actual CHECK.  In the status bar below, I see "1 replacement" as if the value of the field has changed and I am not seeing it, but then when I click SAVE and it refreshes, it is not there.

    Ideas?  Hopefully I have provided enough information for some thoughts?  Thanks so much!


    Kelly M Zeeh
    Thursday, October 28, 2010 2:55 PM