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  • Greetings.

    I have several Windows services/applications that were written in Visual Studio.

    There are hardcoded references to registry entries that the services/applications use to get database connections, queue locations, et cetera.

    Here's an example of an existing variable from our code that gets a registry value that the app uses to get a root reference for some setting values:

    private const string REG_KEY_SERVICE = @"Software\Company\App\AppName";

    So, that being said, when our apps/services were installed on a 32 bit OS, there was no problem, however when the same apps/services are installed on a 64 bit OS, the registry settings are set here:


    Since these settings are not in our configuration logic, we'd need to do a code change to something like this:

    private const string REG_KEY_SERVICE = @"Software\Wow6432Node\Company\App\AppName";

    This is not something that we want to do since it involves a version change and all of the change control processes that goes along with that.

    To get around having to make a version change,  on our dev environment, we are copying the registry entries from: 




    My question: Is there a risk with this workaround and is this advisable?



    Friday, January 16, 2015 4:08 PM