I've found a bug in VS2017 RC, where to see it online?


  • I've installed VS2017 RC Community Edition to play with C# 7. When I've got to deconstruction declaration feature then Visual Studio disappeared immediately after this code:

    class Program
        class IwillCrash
            public void Deconstruct(out int x) { x = 0; }
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Uncomment line below and VS2017 RC will disappear
            //var (x) = new IwillCrash();   
    Surely, I've sent a bug report through Help -> Send Feedback -> Report a problem. However, I can't figure out where to get this feedback online. The reason I want to obtain the link to my feedback cause I am posting this issue to public blog and wanted to prove that report was sent. The other reason is to have ability to track the progress of resolving the issue. 

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