nuget failed to add references into Windows phone 8.1 project in universal apps


  • I have a strange problem , I am migrating windows phone 8 app into windows phone 8.1 universal app. In that I am using Facebook and Facebook.Client packages. In windows phone 8.1 universal app project nuget package manager failed to add Facebook packages into the project by saying the error like "Couldn't find any packages that support Windows phone 8.1" ,

    after this error I added the Facebook and Facebook.Client references manually from my old windows phone 8 project, when I build the project compiler throwing error that 

    Error 1 Cannot find type System.Windows.Controls.Control in module System.Windows.dll

    Actually I added windows phone 8 Facebook.Client.dll. So compiler throws this error. 

    After this I have added Windows 8 Facebook.Client.dll, Build succeeded. But when I call facebook Loginasync() method , I am getting NotImplemented exception.

    Any one help me how to resolve this exception. I guess  Facebook packages are not updated to support Windows phone 8.1 universal app. If so can any one help me how to integrate the Facebook in Windows Phone 8.1 universal app (Windwos 8.1 its working fine).

    Thursday, May 15, 2014 5:08 PM


  • It sounds like that package is designed for Silverlight apps. System.Windows is not available for runtime apps which use Windows.UI.Xaml instead.

    You may need to call the Facebook REST API until a packaged solution is provided. You can find out about it from Facebookt at https://developers.facebook.com/


    Thursday, May 15, 2014 6:01 PM