Giving inactive tasks extra commands RRS feed

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  • I am not even really sure how to ask this question so I am going to explain exactly what I want to do and then see if it makes sense.

    I have set-up a macro to create inactive tasks for the user just by running the macro (just puts the duration at 0, lag between preds and succs at 0 and makes the font dimmed with a dash through it.)

    Now here is my goal: I want to take the inactive task as an "oh crap" button, say a project is falling behind and the PI puts the task at say 50% completion and there isn't enough time for the next 50% within the constraint given. I want my inactive task to automatically revert back to being a normal task under this condition. 

    Example: Inactive task (Design Critical Slack) is a successor to the normal task (Design) now when Design gets an update on progress and we find that its not going to finish on time I want the inactive task to automatically revert back to being normal to make up for this conflict..(Keep in mind the inactive task will have resources built-in, this is to be used when we need more manpower on something to get it done on time but only if its needed)

    Would I add code to the inactive task macro? Or would this be its own individual change-type event macro? 

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thursday, June 28, 2012 3:40 PM