Should I use semantic zoom or a custom datepicker? RRS feed

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  • So I have a page with a grid view on it.  This grid view is setup with appointments and is laid out day to day.  So you can scroll to the left and right and you'll see the date change.  My initial thought was to have a datepicker above it and the user could put a date in and the gridview would automatically switch to that date.  I was wondering if you think I should instead use semantic zoom... also, I was wondering if semantic zoom is the decision if I should do multiple zooms, like days, go back to weeks, months, years, etc. 


    Thursday, May 16, 2013 5:44 PM


  • I'd consider using both. A date picker to go to specific dates and semantic zoom to switch from daily to weekly, etc. They both serve different purposes. I'd consider putting the date picker in an AppBar as a go-to-date command rather than using full-time real estate.

    Semantic zoom is typically two level. Expanding the concept beyond that makes sense for the calendar scenario, but make sure not to make it too cumbersome to move between common levels. You will need to implement the many level version yourself rather than using the built in semantic zoom controls.


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