vs 2017 RC - using linux project from git with remote gdb


  • So i saw that vs2017 has support to remotely compile and debug linux c++ applications. Im trying to pull down my linux source code from git and work on it in vs 2017, but i cant seem to figure out how to compile / debug it as a linux project. I havent used VS since college so im a little rusty. Any suggestions?
    Wednesday, February 15, 2017 5:01 PM

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  • Hi gbux,

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    Refer to your description, please have a look at this blog: Visual C++ for Linux Development and I found the following message:

    *The Visual C++ for Linux Development extensionenables you to author C++ code for Linux servers, desktops and devices. You can manage your connections to these machines from within VS. VS will automatically copy and remote build your sources and can launch your application with the debugger. Our project system supports targeting specific architectures, including ARM. Read on for how to get started with our new Linux projects.

    Today we only support building remotely on the Linux target machine. We are not limited by specific Linux distros but we do have dependencies on the presence of some tools. Specifically, we need openssh-server, g++, gdb and gdbserver. Use your favorite package manager to install them, e.g. on Debian based systems:

    sudo apt-get install openssh-server g++ gdb gdbserver

    We need to firstly install the extension:The Visual C++ for Linux Development extension and follow the guideline from the above blog to start your firstly VS Linux project and debug.

    If you meet any issue about it, you can redirect to the corresponding forum: and start a new issue, that will help you to get a better and professional support for your issue, since our forum is to discuss Visual Studio WPF/SL Designer, Visual Studio Guidance Automation Toolkit, Developer Documentation and Help System, and Visual Studio Editor.

    If you have any issue about VS IDE, please feel free to let me know, thanks for your understanding.

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    Thursday, February 16, 2017 7:25 AM