how to pass wpfedit as a parameter from excel sheet in coded ui RRS feed

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  • public void CheckLengthTextBox() { #region Variable Declarations WpfEdit uI_txtFilterEdit =dataTable.GetData(""); //this.UIConditionalDynamicScWindow.UICtrlEditorCustom.UI_txtFilterEdit; #endregion uI_txtFilterEdit.Text = dataTable.GetData("TextValue"); int MaxCount = int.Parse(dataTable.GetData("MaxCount")); string PassMsg = dataTable.GetData("Message").ToString(); string FailMsg = dataTable.GetData("Msg").ToString(); string DropName = dataTable.GetData("DropName"); if (uI_txtFilterEdit.Text.Length <= MaxCount) { report.UpdateTestLog(DropName, PassMsg, Report.Status.PASS); } else { report.UpdateTestLog(DropName,FailMsg, Report.Status.FAIL); } }

    But i am getting error as we cant convert from wpfedit to string ..

    Need suggestion

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    For better reusability of a function ,i wrote a method as "

    Anny.. IMPossible..

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013 7:04 AM