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  • I delete a VM several hours ago,and the delete button of the OS disk attach to it in the VM->Disk still grey out.

    I tried to delete it through the azure cli using vm disk delete,it returns:

    A disk with name XXX is currently in use by virtual machine XXX ...

    When the command vm list tell me there are no VM.

    I also used euivalent PowerShell cmdlets and get similar result.

    I contact Microsoft Support for help they refer me back to this forum
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  • I manage to delete the vhd file though Windows Azure Storage Services REST API


    Although i still find it in the VM->Disk and I can't delete the disk or storage account contain it.

    At least i won't pay for it anymore.

    I also find a tool use that api to do this in:


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  • We've just been experiencing the exact same problem over the last 3-4 hours.  Deleted several VMs but the underlying disk claims the VM still exists.  So we can't remount the disk in a new VM.  We've tried both Web and Powershell (Remove-AzureDisk) which yields the same message above "disk is in use".

    We had two disks in separate domains in accordance with the SLA, now they've both faulted and we can't recover the situation.

    Microsoft Support have been absolutely useless in this matter.  It's their product at fault and they don't seem to realize they're breaching their SLA.  If we can't delete a disk reliably and remount it, then a claim of 99.5% uptime on virtual machines is an outright lie.  Some customers are also being billed for storage they can't release. (In our case we don't want to delete the vhd, we want to reuse it).

    I'm going to try to escalate this with my contacts at Microsoft because this is ridiculous.

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