Cannot change custom domain associated with Azure Storage account


  • We need to use a custom domain with our Storage Account in Azure. Currently we are setting this value with a PowerShell command like this: 

     Set-AzureStorageAccount `
            -ResourceGroupName $myResourceGroupName `
            -Name $storageAccountName `
            -CustomDomainName $myCustomDomain `
            -UseSubDomain $True

    We have changed the domain that we need to use for this. When attempting to use the new domain using the same command, the following error occurs: : "Set-AzureStorageAccount ` + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [<<==>>] Exception: CustomDomainNameAlreadySet: Custom domain name is already set. Current value must be cleared before setting a new value."

    It's not making sense how you clear this value, there is no way in the portal and setting the value to $null or "" doesn't work. How can we change the domain name? 

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