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    Hi all,


    Would somebody be able to explain please the relationship between CSF, MPS and Biztalk. Where do all three sit in the relationship.


    I have moved into a new role within an HMC environement and currently it has MPS and CSF deployed for provisioning. It is using the Microsoft HSSP portal. 


    I have heard that MPS will be deprecated along with HSSP,  is this correctt? will Biztalk replace MPS? will we still keep CSF underneath Biztalk ?


    I guess if I understood better the relationship and positioning of each of these would help me better understand and maybe answer my own question.


    Thanks for all your time, much appreciated.




    Thursday, July 17, 2008 12:47 PM

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  • Hi Steve,


    This is a very wide topic and we could write a book answering this question.


    MPS is the provisioning engine of HMC, it is based on COM (and that is why it is retiring) and it uses XML templates (the namespaces) and technical, low level API to reach HMC components (the providers)

    Even though MPS is extensible, the recommendation is to keep HMC as "out of the box" as possible, so, in the standard HSSP Architecture, MPS is the provisioning interface of HMC and HMC is seen as a Service.


    Then CSF is the Service Management Platform, in the HSSP platform, it is used as a dynamic Provisioning platform which is easily extensible.

    Service are registered in CSF and we use the Order Handling SBE (OHSBE) to manage the provisioning of all services via CSF


    HSSP consist of a Portal and a Specific configuration of the OHSBE for HMC. The portal calls the OHSBE which calls CSF which calls MPS


    Biztalk as a whole is often called an enterprise service bus,

     it offers workflow capabilities connectivity capabilities through ports and data translation capabilities (I am  not talking about monitoring, scaling and other capabilities)


    There are talks about replacing MPS with BTS (BizTalk Server) but nothing definitive yet as far as I know.

    But even if BTS replaces MPS, the objective is to keep the input interfaces of HMC so it should be transparent for the caller.


    Now where it gets tricky is that the OHSBE also need some workflow capability and that one possible implementation is with BTS


    Now to answer your question, as far as I know,  HSSP is not deprecated, it is changing ownership. the replacement of MPS should be transparent and it should not have an impact on the use of CSF or not.


    CSF is not underneath BTS, it is the other way around and it should stay that way. The idea is to fix the HMC provisioning in BTS and extend the service platform through CSF


    I hope it made things clearer

    Thursday, July 24, 2008 1:04 PM