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    Newb alert :-)

    Using Expression Web 4 and VWD for this.
    I have a very simple Access DB for holding 5 maps and all the placenames that occur on these 5 maps.

    DB Structure:

    tblMap (one record for each map):
    - MapID            AutoNumber    primary key
    - MapName     Text
    tblPlace (one record for each place):
    - PlaceID           AutoNumber    primary key
    - PlaceName    Text                   indexed
    tblPlaceMap (one record every time a place appears on a map):
    - PlaceID           Number            relates to tblPlace.PlaceID
    - MapID             Number            relates to tblMap.MapID
    What I'd like to happen is when someone enters a placename into a search textbox, the map(s) that corresponds is returned, with a hyperlink of course. Simple really :-)
    Question 1: What specifically should I query to return the information?
    Question 2: About the DB, I'm not sure of the correct tables where I should be entering maps and placenames.
    Question 3: I have txt files of all the placenames (one placename after another, one name per line). Some maps have over 2000 placenames, so I don't want to have to manually re-enter all of them into the DB. Is there a way to import a txt file into the appropriate table? And which table would that be?
    Apologies for the seemingly dummy questions, but on a steeeeeeeep learning curve :-)
    Friday, November 5, 2010 3:33 AM

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    Can't help you will all of you issues but start with this. Open your text file in Excel for the place names.

    Create the column names that you would like for each column, NameOfPlace, Description, Etc. what ever, say you have 4 columns.

    Save the Excel file as a csv file.

    Then in Access you can import the csv, you could also import the Excel file as well, or copy and paste the spreadsheet from Excel into Access. I like the import because it builds the table automatically. 2000 records is no issue.

    Explain more of your data and issues maybe others can help.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016 4:44 PM